Business Development Internships

A business development internship is a great way to gain real-world experience in marketing and sales. Business developers work in teams to bring in new customers and increase sales. They spend considerable time prospecting and maintaining a database of customers. While interning, students will apply what they have learned in theory and promote a company. They can also earn higher salaries than a market analyst intern. As the name suggests, these professionals work with other departments to develop new products or services.

Business development interns work with other departments on projects

The duties of a business development internship are varied, and interns may work on data entry, CRM, salesforce, and competitive analysis projects. Some internships also require students to learn other skills, such as patient care, c++, and mental health. Interns typically complete projects by collaborating with other departments, so they should have a wide range of experience. Most internships lead to a Bachelor’s degree, although interns are more likely to earn a Doctorate.

A business development intern’s primary job duties will involve supporting the objectives of the organization, as well as helping it grow. They will assist the company in market research, develop new products, and create marketing campaigns, all under the supervision of tenured staff. Interns will need to be detail-oriented, highly organized, and well-versed in marketing, statistics, and other factors affecting business development. They also need to be knowledgeable about the business environment, as well as the market that their companies serve.

They earn higher salaries than market analyst interns

While interns in marketing and market research do make more money than those in business development, the high wage differentials among these two categories may not be due to an upcoming skill shortage. Instead, the rise in salary may be the result of increased competition among employers for young talent. While interns often perform entry-level duties, they are typically related to their major field of study or to the needs of the sponsoring department.

The salary range of Business Development Interns varies greatly by location. According to ZipRecruiter, a Business Development Intern in Chicago, IL earns an average salary of $32,472 per year, which is up to $899 from the national average. The average pay range is $25,000 to $35,500, with the highest earners making $45,000 a year. This range of salary may vary by location, years of experience, and skill level.

They need a bachelor’s degree

Business development internships typically require at least a bachelor’s degree. While there are some exceptions, most internships will require a bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience. Interns in business development are highly sought after, so it’s important to stand out during your internship. If you’re unable to land an internship with a business development firm, consider pursuing a different field that is closely related to this one.

The Business Development Summer Internship position will involve working in an organization specializing in the environment and infrastructure market. The student will gain hands-on experience in the federal acquisition process, preparing a capabilities brief for government customers, working with scientists to quantify market size, assisting in compliance and developing call plans. Students will also learn about well-established business development processes, and the needs of science-focused government agencies.

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