Christmas Cards – The Victorian Craze

When you think of Christmas, you probably think of sending greeting cards. But are you aware of the history of Christmas cards? Have you ever wondered if they actually originated during the Victorian craze? Read on to discover the meaning behind these cards. Then, check out these ways to customize them. You might even be surprised by how much they have evolved! So, why have Christmas cards become so popular over the years? We’ll explore the origins of the Victorian craze, and how you can customize them to match your tastes and style.

Historical significance

A Christmas card was a popular tradition that began during the 18th century. It was used to share the joy and merriment of the holiday with friends and family. The tradition gained momentum in the mid-1800s when Sir Henry Cole, an English educator and society member, commissioned a thousand cards. Of these, only 21 are still in existence today. Until then, it was a small sideline to the established trades. Today, greeting card makers and archivists such as Hallmark Cards manufacture and distribute them.

Customization options

Postable offers customers three customization options. They can choose to upload an already designed, customized Christmas card or upload a high-resolution photo to a blank canvas template. Then, customers can further customize the inside and back of the card. The customer can even choose to add a personal message or a verse to the inside of the card. They can also choose to add an illuminated greeting to the inside. These customization options are available for both paper and foil color.


The origin of Christmas cards is actually quite recent. The first Christmas card was sent in 1843. Sir Henry Cole, a businessman with interests in art, was interested in the idea and commissioned a printing company to produce the first Christmas card. Since then, Christmas cards have been a popular way to share holiday greetings with friends and family. But how did they originate? Here are some interesting facts about this popular tradition. And, if you’re wondering, where do you find the oldest Christmas card, read on.

Victorian craze

The Victorian craze for Christmas cards had many bizarre images. Victorian Christmas cards often featured anthropomorphic frogs, bloodthirsty snowmen, and dead birds. Some were even satirical, with illustrations of snowmen killing one another. These were popular with wealthy Victorians, who would collect entire sets. They were also highly prized because of their sentimental value and were often kept in scrapbooks or albums for years.


The first Christmas cards appeared in the 1840s, when the Postage Act regulated the price of letters in Britain. Despite its shortcomings, the halfpenny postage rate encouraged the production of inexpensive Christmas cards, which quickly became an industry staple. In 1870, the British government introduced a halfpenny postage rate, making them more affordable and convenient to send. By the following year, the postage rate for postcards had standardized, enabling the production of beautiful cards at inexpensive rates.

Modern & edgy designs

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your traditional Christmas cards, try one of these modern & edgy designs. You can also choose to use flat cards with contemporary touches on the back. One design option for this look could be to place a holiday-themed illustration on the front of the card but use no family photos. You can even opt for a newspaper-style design, which will feature milestones of the family.

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