Different Types of Divider Curtains

There are several different kinds of Divider Curtains. This article discusses Roll-Up Divider Curtains, Gym Divider Curtains, and Fabric Divider Curtains. The pros and cons of each type are highlighted. The best ones for your space are the best for privacy and shade, and they won’t deteriorate or become damaged over time. And, no matter what type of Divider Curtains you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the added benefits of a custom-made curtain.

Roll-Up Divider Curtains

Roll-Up divider curtains from Jaypro are an attractive way to separate facilities. The curtain’s upper section is raised by heavy-duty hoist belts which rotate a four-1/2″ diameter tube. The curtains are made of heavy-duty vinyl and nine-ounce vinyl coated polyester mesh. They are supported by a 1 HP direct drive winch. The curtains store in a two-foot-wide storage space and roll up and down effortlessly. The curtain’s heavy-duty design ensures proper alignment and safety.

Another style is the gym-specific radius fold-up. This type of gym divider curtain features a 19 or 20-ounce vinyl-coated mesh upper section, welded seams, and a fully padded batten. The curtain is motor-operated and rolls onto a 3 1/2-inch-diameter bottom batten for a wrinkle-free surface. Apart from these features, these curtains are easy to install and can be purchased in many different colors and sizes.

Regardless of the size of the gym, these gym divider curtains are a convenient and durable way to divide an area. Unlike traditional gym partitions, they are easy to operate and store. Whether you need to divide a gym space or a multi-use space, Roll-Up divider curtains are the ideal solution for you. These curtains are made from heavy-duty vinyl coated polyester material that provides long-lasting performance.

Peak-Fold Gym Divider Curtains

For sloped ceilings and other unique architectural features, the Peak-Fold Gym Divider is the perfect solution. This high-quality, precision-cut gym divider features a unique design that allows the curtain to fold to follow the contour of the ceiling. The Peak-Fold Gym Divider features a 1 HP gear motor and adjustable diameter cable drums that are designed to match each cable’s travel to the slope of the ceiling.

These gym divider curtains are made of vinyl-coated polyester and suspended on track on a wall or ceiling superstructure. They are easy to install with their track, which is made of steel and features wheel bearings and adjustable chains. Unlike other gym dividers, the walk-draw style is manually operated and can be easily installed by a single person. These dividers are also convenient to store, as they can fold flat against a wall or in a corner of the facility.

Another popular type of gym divider curtains is the Roll-Up Gymnasium Curtain. This design is convenient and budget-friendly. It divides a center court and running track. It uses a centerline continuous drive shaft for ease of operation and balance. The high-clearance ability of this style makes it the perfect choice for a variety of gym spaces. They are a great choice for schools with limited resources.

Fabric Divider Curtains

Warehouse Divider Curtains are an easy, flexible and cost-effective solution for partitioning large areas. Warehouse Divider Curtains are made of durable fabric, allowing customers to partition as needed, without the need to permanently install walls. Whether you need to protect equipment from UV rays, provide privacy or cover unsightly areas, warehouse curtains will fit your needs. They can be made from a variety of materials to meet your specific requirements. Two-inch Heat-Sealed Perimeter Hems provide durability and prevent fraying. In addition, heat-sealing prevents bacteria from growing in between the layers of fabric.

Room dividers are ideal for homes with open floor plans and large windows. Adding walls may restrict natural light flow and disrupt the layout of the room. Room divider curtains allow you to conceal clutter and add non-permanent color to rooms without blocking natural light. The choice of fabric is entirely dependent on your needs and the purpose of your dividers. Fabric divider curtains come in various sizes, styles and colors, and can be used to create two separate spaces or more.

Decorative tiers can help divide the room into smaller, more private areas. Using curtain rods to divide a room is a convenient and inexpensive way to create more space. Aside from room dividers, these can also serve as window blinds. A few tips:

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