Facts About Michael Jackson

The world has heard of Michael Jackson’s infamous “Thriller” albums, which were released in 1982 and subsequently sold over 50 million copies worldwide. His follow-up albums, “BAD” and “Dangerous”, are also among the most popular albums of all time. In addition to the legendary pop singer’s music, Michael Jackson also maintained a ranch near Santa Ynez, California, known as Neverland Valley Ranch. It was once the home to the King of Pop, and features his house and an amusement park designed by Macaulay Culkin. There are even some exotic animals, such as elephants, lions, and tigers.


If you’ve been paying attention to Michael Jackson lately, you probably noticed that he had some white patches on his skin. The condition is a sign of vitiligo, or a lack of melanin. It occurs in patches on the skin when the cells responsible for producing melanin die or are otherwise unable to function properly. Michael was first diagnosed with vitiligo in 1986. In addition to that, he was diagnosed with lupis, which caused the pink color on his cheeks. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993, he explained that he had vitiligo.

Painkiller addiction

During a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the AEG Live concert venue in 2006, Michael Jackson’s one-time physician, Dr. Stuart Finklestein, testified that Jackson was addicted to painkillers. He told the court that Jackson had repeatedly injected himself in the buttocks before he traveled to Bangkok for the concert. Until then, AEG Live executives had no way of knowing that Jackson was putting himself at risk.

Child molestation

In 2004, two dentists and a screenwriter named Evan Chandler and Jordan Chandler accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing their kids. Jordan Chandler met Jackson while renting a car from his stepfather’s dealership. The two grew up in separate homes and grew up adrift. Evan and Jordan began to date and became friends. Evan Chandler went on to accuse Jackson of child molestation, but his allegations were later dropped.

Change in skin color

The rumors surrounding Michael Jackson’s skin color change were not unfounded. He denied bleaching his skin to become Caucasian, but did not say what caused the skin change. He also said the rumors about him being dissatisfied with his race hurt him deeply. While some people regarded Jackson’s explanation as plausible, others disputed it, such as Quincy Jones. Below, we will take a look at the most convincing explanation for Jackson’s change in skin color.

Relationship with Suzanne de Passe

Suzanne de Passe was an entertainment producer who cultivated the careers of several famous entertainers, including Michael Jackson and the Commodores. She also executive produced the 1989 Lonesome Dove miniseries. She began her career at Motown Records in 1968. She founded her own talent agency in 1992, de Passe Entertainment Group, LLC. Suzanne de Passe credits her business style to her time in progressive institutions.

Career highs

When it comes to pop music, Michael Jackson’s career highs were incredible. He was a top selling artist for more than a decade, earning 13 Grammys and thirteen number one singles. The ‘Thriller’ singer even co-wrote a charity song with Lionel Richie that helped raise $60 million for famine relief in Africa. His death, however, has left many fans wondering if he ever really hit the top.


The album begins with a song that sounds like it could have come out of the Supremes. Michael Jackson does his best Diana Ross impression, but the song doesn’t get anywhere. Instead, it’s all high notes and no real substance. This is probably not the Michael Jackson album to start off a new career. But what’s new? Is Michael Jackson’s latest album as great as his other albums? It’s still worth a listen.

Life after “Dangerous”

While it’s difficult to gauge Jackson’s career trajectory without knowing the full scope of his contributions to pop music, there are a few things to look forward to. The second half of Life after “Dangerous” is arguably the most powerful album in his discography. The album is full of great songs and possesses an extraordinary production. Jackson is at his peak and shows a broader emotional range than ever before. Life after “Dangerous” features a few highlights as well.

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