How to Create Spa-Like Bathrooms

If you have always dreamed of a spa-like bathroom, there are a few things you must have in your bathroom. Tile flooring, heated floors, and skylights are all vital elements for a spa-like bathroom. Strategic lighting is also important. Choose recessed or dimmer switches to illuminate the space. Tile is a popular choice for flooring because it is long-lasting, but you can choose whichever material looks best in your bathroom.

Natural light

Lighting plays a critical role in creating a spa-like bathroom. To make the space feel luxurious, choose fixtures that create an even, uniform light. For added luxury, consider using dimmers in the bathroom, so that the room is more comfortable during bathing. Adding some natural elements to the space, like a hanging plant or a Boston fern, can also elevate the mood of the room. Candlelight, of course, can also add a spa-like feel.

Heated flooring

One way to give your bathroom a spa-like feel is to install heated flooring. This type of flooring is both convenient and cost-effective. It warms the body through conduction, thus making it ideal for a relaxing bathroom experience. It also helps to make the room more spacious by incorporating plants, which have oxygen-enhancing properties. These are just a few ideas that can help you transform your bathroom into a spa-like space.


Creating a luxurious and tranquil environment in a small bathroom is a simple but effective way to achieve the look. The skylights in this bathroom create a relaxing atmosphere that is reminiscent of a retreat. There are many other ways to add to the spa-like feel of the room. For example, putting candles in the bath tub will add a pleasant aroma, and a stone fireplace will make the bathroom feel like a true getaway.

Shower seat

For those who love a relaxing, spa-like feel in their bathrooms, a shower bench is the perfect solution. The bench allows the homeowner to sit and relax while in the shower. It adds a touch of class to any bathroom, as well as a sense of comfort and security. The seat can be placed close to drain holes so that it doesn’t leave an extra wet floor behind. Alternatively, a fold-up bench can be installed as a simple and affordable option.

Storage wall niches

Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist look, a traditional look, or an eclectic blend of elements, wall niches are a fantastic way to show off your favorite decor pieces. A bathroom wall niche is a practical way to display your favorite decor items while also keeping your shower area clutter-free. A deep niche can accommodate cabinets on the lower third and shelves on the upper portion. While you don’t need to use all of the space, you can make a spa-like bathroom by placing shelves along the top third.


A Walnut-covered bathroom vanity is one of the most elegant features of a spa-like bathroom. Its sleek design features six full extension drawers and a floating shelf made of one piece of walnut. To complete the look, Hyland Homes installed an antique brass mirror and hung pendant lights from the ceiling. For an elegant touch, consider installing glass shelving on the wall. The result is an incredibly chic and luxurious bathroom.

Sage green Mediterranean floor tiles

A spa-like bathroom is the ultimate getaway, so why not give your master bath a green makeover? Sage green Mediterranean floor tiles, for example, are a popular choice for this design style. Other popular colors include mint, Paris green, dark turquoise, and Ming. Sage green and gray are also excellent choices for bathroom design. They are soothing and can create a tranquil atmosphere. In addition to these colors, you can also consider using dark turquoise for a blue and green ambiance.

Sage green Mediterranean wall tiles

A modern bathroom can have a sage green color scheme, but this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a more traditional style into your new bathroom. A mix of sage green and off-white tiling can create a timeless look. You can also use a dark, jewel-toned tile for the floor, with a complementary gold grout. To add a touch of midcentury style, use pastel subway tiles.

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