Real Estate Postcard Marketing


Real estate postcards can be a great way to generate sales and leads. You can send them to past clients, first time homebuyers, and prospects. Here are a few ideas for effective postcards. If you don’t know where to start, try incorporating market trends and local pricing information.

Repeat your message several times. This is a common technique used by top producing REALTORS. It helps people remember you. For instance, you may want to mail your postcards to the same area twice a year. This will make them feel like you’re constantly sending them information and updates.


Realtor postcard marketing has several advantages, and you can easily track the results of your campaign. Postcards are cheap to print and design, and can provide valuable information to potential homebuyers. You can use postcards to introduce yourself and announce new listings, house sales, open houses, and more. They can also be useful reminders of your real estate agency.

Realtor postcards can increase your brand name recognition and increase business leads. They can be mailed to any mail route in the area. The cost of mailing a postcard is low, as you only need to pay for the printing, address labels, and envelopes once. Additionally, postcards can be ordered in bulk, which lowers the cost. Postcards are also a cost-effective way to advertise luxury estates.


Postcard marketing has proven to be highly effective for realtors. The postcards provide prospects with useful information and timely reminders about real estate. These postcards can be extremely helpful in cementing the realtor brand in the minds of potential sellers. In addition, many realtors have found that they can track the results of their postcard campaigns easily. For example, they can offer discounts to recipients who bring their postcards into the office. They can also use double postcards, and ask recipients to return one of them via mail. This way, they can track the number of postcards returned and the number of potential sales.

Realtor postcards are also easy to recognize and read. Many potential clients will keep these postcards and call the realtor if they need a real estate service. Postcards also help a realtor build new relationships. They can be sent out regularly, which can help strengthen existing relationships and generate new business opportunities.

Expired listings as a source of leads

Realtors need a steady stream of leads to stay profitable. With low interest rates and market fluctuations, a realtor’s pipeline is often unreliable. However, there are other avenues outside of expired listings and mass mailings for real estate lead generation. Some of these include community events, non-real estate organizations, and local chambers of commerce.

When using expired listings as a source of leads for Realtors, it’s important to make a personal connection with your leads. Showing off your recent sales is a great way to engage expired listing leads and convince them to re-list with you. These postcards are an excellent way to make an impression on your leads and increase the odds that they will contact you in the future.

Another option for using expired listings as a source of leads for Realtors is to send an email or a letter to the owners of these homes. The email can be a great way to contact these sellers, but sometimes it’s difficult to reach them. In this case, it’s a good idea to send a personal letter with a personalized message. Make sure the letter is sent on professional letterhead and focuses on the seller.

Targeting prospects with postcards

A real estate postcard campaign is a great way to target prospects. It can help you determine which type of homeowners are most likely to buy a new home. The postcard template includes multiple elements to draw in attention. For example, the eye-catching yellow square immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Then, you can offer them help and advice. Moreover, you can include information about local market trends. These postcards can also help you translate complicated information into simple language.

The design of the postcard should incorporate your message, official logo, photo, and contact information. It should be eye-catching and have high-quality visual effects. You can use a professional photographer to make your postcards eye-catching.

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