The Hottest Fashion Trends Right Now

Rihanna is one of the hottest designers in the world, and her outfits are making their way into our closets. Even though Rihanna is known for being a fashionista, she rarely wears the same outfit. Despite this, her outfits continue to influence our fashion trends. Even if they are not designed by the young fashionista herself, the designers still give her their creations. These famous celebrity outfits can be very expensive, but most businesses will offer cheaper alternatives.

Upcycled clothing

As climate change becomes a pressing concern, designers are turning to upcycling as a way to reduce their environmental footprint. Emerging labels are utilizing this trend in new ways. Not only is it a sustainable shopping trend, it creates a unique piece of art for the wearer. These garments can be a source of cultural commentary and a connection with a past generation.

Using recycled fabric, brands are creating new items that make our planet’s ecosystems healthier. These products are usually made from discarded fabrics and are available in limited quantities. Many brands have begun offering upcycled pieces, as well, including Urban Outfitters and ASOS. However, some companies like Urban Outfitters and ASOS have yet to perfect the art of upcycling. It is important to remember that upcycling is not the same as reusing the original clothing, which causes more pollution.


The fashion trend logo-mania is back in full force, with designers creating items with logo-tiled fabrics. Starting with Gucci logo t-shirts, the trend has gained in popularity and even reached the luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton x Supreme. Even fast-fashion brands like Adidas, Fila, and Pretty Little Things have jumped on the logo bandwagon. Logo-mania is here to stay, and designers are using it to create looks for the casual woman who can’t afford the expensive brands.

While logo-mania was popular in the ’90s and early 2000s, the trend has been making a comeback this season. Fashion designers have resurrected monograms and have introduced bolder and more playful takes on these designs. Designers are using logos as an affordable way to make statements, but with a nod to tradition and a dash of irreverence.

Mesh shirts

With their mesh fabrics, mesh shirts are one of the hottest fashion trends right now. Mesh shirts come in a variety of different styles and price ranges, so you can find one that works well with your budget. These items are comfortable and flattering, and can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses. They’re also a great way to save money on fashion, too! Read on to learn more about the latest mesh fashion trends and how you can start wearing them today.

These tops are a versatile piece of clothing and are worn by many celebrities. They look amazing with anything and are a wardrobe essential. You can dress them up or down, wear them with jeans, or layer them with other pieces. Whether you’re looking for an effortless look or an edgy piece, you’ll look fabulous in one. Mesh shirts are also an excellent way to add a bold style statement to your wardrobe.

Denim fabric

With more women looking for ways to make the denim fabric more comfortable, it’s no surprise that the denim industry is embracing new hybrid concepts and unexpected varieties. Designed to take denim’s traditional characteristics and expand its range of uses, surprising textile combinations give the fabric a fresh new spin. Mills are enhancing denim fabrics with supple softness, fluidity, and tactile density. This latest trend in denim is taking style cues from utilitarian workwear to fashion for everyday wear.

The new era of denim has come in many forms, from jeans to tops. Straight-leg denims that hit at the waist or higher are the new rage. These can be button-fly or zip-fly. While buying denims, make sure they fit well. A pair of jeans that doesn’t fit you properly will not look stylish. If you’re unsure about the fit of a pair, you can always have them tailored.


Since women are deprived of pockets, designers are putting emphasis on functional designs. For example, Guinevere Ganzel, a senior designer for Toad&Co, has designed a series of dresses with deep pockets to accommodate passports and cell phones. At the same time, Karenina Gonzalez, a senior designer at United By Blue, is prioritizing storage space in women’s apparel. She says that she was inspired by a recent survey she conducted with five leading fashion brands about the size of women’s pants.

Pockets are a great complement to utilitarian styles of clothing. At Fendi’s fall/winter 2014 runway show, Karl Lagerfeld mixed up different pockets styles to create a unique look. Bella Hadid wore a cream button-down shirt with large pockets that could hold an iPad or iPhone. Another designer, Alberta Ferretti, introduced outsize cargo pockets in black t-shirts.

Face masks

Masks are not a new trend, but they are becoming increasingly popular. While they were once confined to Asian countries, face masks have now become a part of global fashion. These are often used for health and social reasons, but more people are turning to fashion to show off their masks. Although the trend may be a little slow to catch on in the west, designers are taking notice.

While masks started as a practical necessity, they are now a trend that has gone beyond their humble beginnings. Despite their medical purpose, some people still opt to wear hospital masks to protect their skin from the effects of the flu. As a result, more people are turning to fashion designers and online retailers for these fashionable accessories. Luckily, one such designer is Ashley Nell Tipton, who won season fourteen of Project Runway. With a design studio in Hillcrest, Tipton is now selling face masks by the hundreds. Her masks are so popular that they have sold out several times.

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