Top 5 Online Study Platforms For Kids

An online learning platform for kids makes study materials available to kids, so they can focus on what they need to learn. It also helps kids develop a routine that will help them manage their time and workload. Kids will be able to apply lessons from their study sessions to their school assignments, and it will make their task a lot easier.

Everyday Mathematics

Everyday Mathematics for kids is an online study platform devoted to helping kids learn math. The program uses field-tested lessons and encourages students to become independent and engaged. It also offers a bank of printable worksheets and PDFs. Kids can study on their own or follow a parent’s guidance.

Early mathematics programs typically focus on a specific mathemati cal idea or group of related concepts. These concepts are introduced in a variety of learning activities, such as large-group activities, small-group activities, and learning centers. Small-group activities are especially helpful for focusing children’s attention.

Everyday Mathematics for kids features high-quality resources and engaging multimedia. The website is designed with parents and educators in mind. It may not be kid-friendly, but it has been rated highly by parents and educators. The site’s resources are available in English or Spanish and are presented with a fun space theme. Students can also play games to reinforce the lessons.

Adventure Academy

There are many benefits of using the Adventure Academy. It is a multimedia, interactive learning environment that encourages kids to actively participate in their studies. Children can select from beginner, intermediate, or advanced difficulty levels. This means that children can challenge themselves to master difficult concepts, and it is a good place to practice reading comprehension skills. Children can even create their own adventures.

Another advantage is that Adventure Academy is COPPA compliant and has received the kidSAFE seal of approval. It features many security measures that ensure the safety of kids. These features include 24/7 moderation of users, ad-free environment, and strong language filters. Moreover, parents can customize the level of social interaction for their kids.

Class Dojo

With ClassDojo, you can easily assign tasks to your child and monitor his or her progress. Activities can be videos, images, drawings, and tests, and you can approve each one before publishing it. They are saved and categorized by grade level, so you can monitor your child’s progress. Parents can even write messages to their child’s teacher.

Class Dojo is free for teachers, but you can purchase the Beyond School version for $7.99 a month. It includes all the features of the free version, but also gives parents the option of using it at home. The tool supports the Empowered Learner 1c curriculum and enables students to display work in digital portfolios and receive feedback on it.


If you’re looking for an online study platform for kids, Outschool is a great choice. It’s an online marketplace that brings together teachers and learning courses. You’ll find courses that have a variety of topics and are taught by experienced instructors. Plus, students can interact with the teachers.

Outschool’s online study platform allows you to set up an account with your child and customize their education. You can add information about your kid’s interests and learn about their preferred class times. You can even choose the teaching approach your kid will benefit most from. Because of this, Outschool is a great option if you want your kid to learn at their own pace.

Outschool was founded in 2015 by ex-Google and Airbnb employees. It has 10,000 teachers who offer classes on topics ranging from bridge design to molecular gastronomy. The classes typically cost $15. In 2019, Outschool sold seven million classes, and it expects sales to increase to $130 million by 2021. The platform calls its students and users “learners.”


The IXL platform includes a personalized curriculum for each skill, which gives students personalized recommendations for learning. The lessons are primarily text-based, but have interactive elements such as quizzes and fill-in-the-blanks activities to make learning fun and active. Students can also practice their skills with virtually unlimited numbers of computer-generated practice questions.

Students in Grades One to Eight can use IXL to improve their math skills and English language arts skills. It offers curriculum designed by veteran educators in the United States. Using IXL, children can become champions in a wide variety of subjects, from simple addition to solving algebraic equations.

IXL Math is a great tool for practicing math problems, and it covers nearly every grade level. Users can complete questions one at a time and are notified when their answers are correct. The program is constantly being updated to add content at higher levels, and the questions are generated to be aligned with the common core standards in all fifty states.

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