Top 5 Travel Apps

If you are travelling on a budget, you can save money by using the Airbnb app to book a home rental instead of a hotel. The app lets you search for properties based on price, amenities, and location. In addition, you can filter your search to only show properties that don’t require pre-approval. You can also book directly through the app. Once you have a reservation, the app will keep track of your bookings. You can also change or cancel them from the app’s “Trips” tab.


TripIt is a travel app for storing your itinerary, flight details, and receipts. It also allows you to receive emails from your travel manager or travel management company and forward them to your TripIt account. This will save you from having to search through multiple emails to find what you need. The app also lets you share your itineraries with friends and family and allow them to edit or add information. Lastly, it allows you to track the carbon footprint of your flights and suggests ways to offset your carbon footprint.

TripIt’s app works well most of the time, but it does have some limitations. The app sends notifications and emails for almost any travel activity you can think of. These emails can be a nuisance and you might miss important updates. Additionally, the web app is not very modern and looks outdated. This means you may not get the coolest features in the app, and the user experience is less than optimal.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an app that you can use to navigate the world. You can use it to find directions, find the lowest gas prices, and even find the nearest gas station. There are also options to add your route to your calendar and set reminders. If you have a specific time you have to leave, or a transfer, you can set a reminder to leave early or transfer on time. If you don’t have a car, you can also use it to find the nearest public transportation.

Google Maps is available on both iOS and Android devices. It has a search bar at the top and a dedicated Go tab. It also has a navigation feature with voice recognition, which tells you which lane to drive in. However, you cannot use voice navigation in every country or region, and it does not support every language. Another downside is that it does not work in emergency situations or oversized vehicles.


PackPoint is a travel app that can help you plan your packing. You can edit a list of essentials and add new items as necessary. You can also hide items that are not needed. You can then check items off as you go. It even offers you the option to share the list. The app also features travel tips, weather reports, and laundry facilities.

PackPoint is free and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. It will organize your packing list based on the destination, the weather, and the activities planned for the trip. The app will even help you plan your first hike and make sure you have everything you need for the trip.


The Roadtrippers travel app makes the planning of a vacation easy with a variety of useful functions. It helps you find the best restaurants and attractions while traveling, provides traffic updates and route information, and even suggests offbeat highlights. It also lets you edit your itinerary and share it with friends and family. It also offers useful information such as user reviews of hotels. Moreover, it also includes a star feature that recommends lesser-known attractions along the route.

This travel app also includes a built-in map with interactive pins. The pins mark points of interest and when you tap on them, the app displays detailed content like photos, reviews, phone numbers, and website links. The app also allows you to save your favourite places. These saved places are stored in your Favorites folder and can be easily accessed offline as well. The app also integrates with navigation apps.


The Airbnb travel app makes it easy to book your next stay in a city. The app also makes it easy to communicate with your host. You can send texts to them and get notifications when they reply. The app also keeps a record of conversations between you and your host. Messages can be sent to inquire about local attractions, coordinate arrival time, and more.

Airbnb has a host chat feature where guests can chat with the owner or a representative of the property. This feature is helpful in case of disputes and prevents conflicts from occurring on the platform. In addition, you can use this feature to market discounts and offers to potential guests.

Google Translate

Whether you’re traveling abroad or just need a simple translation, Google Translate is the app for you. The app supports over 100 languages and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. It can translate menus and signs using your phone’s camera. In addition, you can download language dictionaries to use offline.

There are some drawbacks, though. It’s not an ideal solution for travelers who don’t have a strong internet connection. And you may feel awkward trying to type in a foreign language. Lastly, it can’t completely replace language knowledge.

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