Truck GPS Tracking Systems

Truck GPS Tracking Systems help you keep track of your fleet vehicles in real time. They are a valuable asset to commercial vehicle fleets, as they provide real-time visibility into the location of each vehicle. The system can be installed in a trailer or hooked up to the truck’s tail lights. The GPS system runs on the truck’s power when connected and on its backup battery when disconnected.

Ituran LifeTrak

Ituran LifeTrak truck GPS tracking systems allow fleet managers to pinpoint a vehicle’s location anywhere in the United States. These truck GPS tracking systems utilize private RF technology and proprietary algorithms to provide pinpoint accuracy for both open and closed areas. This makes them a great choice for fleets that want to improve vehicle utilization and lower operational costs, while increasing employee productivity. They also provide valuable information on the status of the vehicle’s ignition.

Ituran LifeTrak has been a leader in the GPS industry for more than twenty years and is known for providing sophisticated GPS truck tracking systems for fleets and individual drivers. The company has over half a million units in use and a solid reputation for providing sophisticated devices.

This vehicle locator system uses radio frequency technology, originally developed to track downed fighter pilots. The system helps law enforcement agencies locate stolen vehicles and fleet managers track company vehicles. Its accuracy can reach within one hundred feet.


ClearPathGPS truck GPS tracking solutions are easy to install and use. They work with iOS and Android devices and have support for USA Federal Interstate and California and Texas Intrastate regulations. They provide real-time alerts through email and SMS so fleet managers know where their vehicles are at all times. They can also be used to monitor assets and manage compliance.

ClearPathGPS truck GPS tracking solutions are installed through the vehicle’s OBD port and can be installed by professional technicians or self-installed. The hardware tracker sends data to the software system via Bluetooth, cellular, or GPS satellite connections. Many providers also offer additional accessories, such as dash cams and asset trackers. The latter can help companies meet FMCSA compliance.

Pricing is competitive, with monthly fees of around $20 or $25 for a Standard plan. The Pro plan is slightly more expensive, at $25 per vehicle, and includes additional features such as real-time alerts and reporting. The Pro plan also gives fleet managers access to the company’s open API. Both ClearPathGPS truck GPS tracking systems come with a money-back guarantee, and there are no contracts.

GoFleet Geotab GO9

GoFleet is an industry leader in GPS fleet management solutions. They specialize in helping businesses achieve maximum efficiency and safety through customized solutions. Their consultants work with you to identify your pain points and implement solutions that address those issues. They provide industry best practices, a powerful GPS vehicle tracking system, and superior customer service.

The GO9 offers real-time location and fleet performance tracking with advanced fleet management capabilities. Its advanced software provides comprehensive information about vehicle health and reduces fuel expenses. The device also offers GPS in-vehicle alerts for violations and driver performance coaching. The GO9 can be installed directly on a vehicle’s dashboard and does not require any wiring.

The Geotab GO9 has a small form factor, making it easy to install. It plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port. It is easy to install and does not require any special tools or professional installation.


Samsara is a new GPS fleet tracking company that was founded in 2015. It is easy to use and has great features. Its software allows you to see your fleet at a glance and can help you monitor driver safety. It also offers a variety of other features, including customizable dashboards, schedule reports, and the ability to track multiple fleet metrics. Its web-based platform makes it easy to access all of the features from anywhere.

Samsara offers a powerful dashboard that lets fleet managers communicate with their vehicles in real time. This allows them to reroute drivers or guide them over the phone if they are lost. The system also compiles data into reports that include trip totals, missed stops, and early/late stops. This helps managers coach drivers and reduce fuel costs.

Samsara provides fleet tracking services for small to midsize fleets. The system includes dashboard cameras, driver behavior monitoring, reefer monitoring, and dispatching and routing. It is compatible with various third-party applications. Pricing for the system is not listed online, but you can contact a representative to request a quote.

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